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In 1957 my grandfather, Eduardo Cansado Carvalho, was looking to build a house for his growing family. He already had 4 children but was very likely to have a few more and therefore needed more space. At 34 years-old and doing very well for himself, he could afford to think about something special but, being who he was, acquiring something off the market just wouldn’t do. Always on the lookout for the ultimate bargain, my grandmother pointed out this piece of land in the aristocratic Lapa district, next to her aunt’s house; highly unimpressive at first view, just some land with a shed on it, for my grandfather’s sharp eye it was perfect.


Construction of the building began in 1958 and, under my grandfather’s technical supervision, by mid 59 it was done. On top, a 640sqm triplex apartment with river views from every single window and a stunning terrace as the perfect family home. The rest is (a lot) of histories.


My 2 youngest uncles were born here, my eldest aunt got married here as well. My baptism party was here on the 3rd of November 1980, and so were many of my cousins and brothers. We could not possibly count how many parties were thrown here but my other aunt still regrets that the late Sir Roger Moore ended up not showing up to one in the early 80’s.


I will be glad to tell you some other stories over breakfast in the morning, or perhaps over a glass of wine on the terrace. There is certainly no better way to finish a long day wondering around our beautiful city!

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